Johnnyswim-Heart-Beats-EP“The picture for our album cover for Heart Beats was taken by a guy named Jeremy Cowart who’s a phenomenal photographer,” said  Amanda Sudano of Johnnyswim. (more…)

Alt-J Album Art

“We were struggling to come up with something as a group, we had ideas but it was such a big thing we didn’t want to get wrong,” said Thom Green (drums) of Alt-J on the cover art for their debut album An Awesome Wave. (more…)

Milow-North-And-South“Well album artwork has always been very important to me,” said Jonathan Vandenbroeck, better known as Milow, in a interview with Creative Allies. “I’ve released three albums, and every time I try to to really pay a lot of attention to the album artwork. And, my latest album that came out a few years ago, North and South, had actually the most ambitious artwork project so far.”


Walk The Moon WTM_CVR_F

“You know, we were working with this guy named Mike Perry,” said Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon on the artist for their self-titled album.

“We were giving him ideas for what we thought the cover should be, and he was giving us stuff and everything was great, but nothing was quite right,” said Petricca. “Nothing was quite fitting.” (more…)

The National“It is my sister, [she] got stuck in a mouse hole when I was a kid,” said Matt Berninger jokingly of  The National‘s cover art for Trouble Will Find Me.


MtnOasisPosterAs Ben Riddell, the Art Director for AC Entertainment knows, there’s a lot more to a successful festival than just a stellar music lineup. He is currently at work on the branding of a new festival, Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit (which takes many cues from Moogfest, previously promoted by AC Entertainment). Ben talked to Creative Allies about what makes for great festival art, and his thoughts on the Mountain Oasis merch design contest.


white album

This is Part-3 of a three part series on Beatles cover art. Check out Part 1 for albums from the early-mid 60′s including With The Beatles, Rubber Soul, and “The Butcher Cover.” For RevolverSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Yellow Submarine, see Part 2. (more…)

Jack Johnson“Yeah, so, that one’s actually a photograph of my dad when he was maybe 20 years old or so,” said Jack Johnson of the cover art for To The Sea. “It’s an old photo we had in our family albums and it’s him building a wave out of just some found wood in the salt flats outside of Berkley.” (more…)


This is Part 2 of a three part series on the cover art of the Beatles. Check out Part 1 for albums from the early-mid 60′s including With the Beatles, Rubber Soul, and “The Butcher Cover.” (more…)

Daryl Hall and John Oates“It’s interesting that you chose that album because we’ve made, what, 26 albums and that’s the only album, that cover, that anyone ever talks about,” said John Oates of the cover art for Daryl Hall & John Oates (1975). (more…)